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Rewards from 50 SoF spins

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Rewards from 50 SoF spins

Post by ynte on Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:31 pm

Spin 1: Anti-Dragon Shield
Spin 2: Godsword Shards
Spin 3: Rune Battleaxe
Spin 4: Rune Full Helm
Spin 5: Rune Platebody
Spin 6: Robin Hood Hat
Spin 7: Black D'hide Body
Spin 8: Godsword Shards
Spin 9: Experience Lamp (750k)
Spin 10: Abyssal Whip
Spin 11: Helm of Neitiznot
Spin 12: Magic Longbow
Spin 13: Dragon Platelegs
Spin 14: Adamant Warhammer
Spin 15: Black D'hide Vambraces
Spin 16: Rune Kiteshield
Spin 17: Adamant Warhammer
Spin 18: Frost Dragon Bones (x1)
Spin 19: Rune Pickaxe
Spin 20: Dragon Platelegs
Spin 21: Black D'hide Vambraces
Spin 22: Black D'hide Body
Spin 23: Mangled Bones
Spin 24: Rune Axe
Spin 25: Black D'hide Vambraces
Spin 26: Rune Platebody
Spin 27: Helm of Neitiznot
Spin 28: Mirror Shield
Spin 29: Magic Shortbow
Spin 30: Rune Kiteshield
Spin 31: Rune Longsword
Spin 32: Frost Dragon Bones
Spin 33: Godsword Shards
Spin 34: Experience Lamp (750k)
Spin 35: Rune Full Helm
Spin 36: Rune Kiteshield
Spin 37: Frost Dragon Bones
Spin 38: Black D'hide Chaps
Spin 39: Frost Dragon Bones
Spin 40: Anti-Dragon Shied
Spin 41: Robin Hood Hat
Spin 42: Experience Lamp (750k)
Spin 43: Helm of Neitiznot
Spin 44: Rune Pickaxe
Spin 45: Rune Pickaxe
Spin 46: Magic Longbow
Spin 47: Rune Pickaxe
Spin 48: Experience Lamp (750k)
Spin 49: Steel Boots
Spin 50: Frost Dragon Bones


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